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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Big talk this week is the 63rd annual 2021 Daytona 500, which fell on VALENTINE'S DAY. Biggest news of the day was seeing Michael Jordan had teamed up with Bubba Wallace and is now repping TEAM 23 on the track!! Wowzzzzaaa! In... to.. it. How inspiring to learn that Jordan went to the track as a child and always wanted to get involved with racing. Now two NBA players grace the NASCAR scene, Michael Jordan and Brad Daugherty. Both players actually played basketball at UNC together and so we will look forward to what that may bring to the track. We are pumped & ready to cheer on the high performance team sounding off at high speed .

Seeing Wallace hold the lead for almost the entire race was super exciting. Especially through the viewpoint of his hosting the Daytona track video camera. The race started off with a bang and within the first 15 miles, and in full retrograde fashion, there was a predictable 16 car pile up crash, followed by hours of rain. Of course. Back on track with a race restart by 930pm all went smooth until the next crash. Full hope in place for 23 to win it all but that last crash was too big to avoid. It was actually a little frightening when Bubba's car camera caught all the flames of the crash at the end of the race. Bubba tried to avoid it but his car was run off luckily all were OK. Congrats to Michael McDowell, #34 of Ford, who won after the final fiery lap.

All in all the race was great, also very cool to be able to watch a behind the scenes on the very fast NASCAR Inspired film “Days of Thunder”.

Now to most viewers the interesting thing about this behind the scenes take on Jerry Bruckheimer’s film was the cast and crew, the unprecedented fast-paced filming, that they had to gather 22 anamorphic-lense cameras from all over the world just to film footage around the 2.5mile looped track. But to me, the best part was the inside story on the heart behind the speed and action of the film and professional racing lifestyle. Sports unites, and allows great ways to connect with others, ourselves, our feelings and our senses. It is healing, it is freeing. Claim YOUR victories!


Kia Lyons

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