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"Straight Shooter"

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We were honored to get a chance to see ESPN sports media guru, Stephen A. Smith speak to Rowan University students.  He encouraged students to bring their very best to life and had his book onhand to give out to the broadcast students.


Stephen A shared his book, life lessons and priceless heart to heart wisdom with the students. By revealing the challenges he overcame in childhood, Stephen A made a huge impact on all the students who admired how he built his way to a top guru of sports at ESPN.


Check out our article on the event on our Platinum "Insider" web page.


Congrats Stephen A. Smith, a true honor to see you inspire the youth and hear them cheering for you!  Stephen A.'s book is available now on

Dr. Khalid N. Mumin 

"Problem Child"


We are wishing Dr. Khalid N. Mumin, secretary of Education of Pennsylvania, a very Happy 

Birthday week, February 2024. We thank  him very much for all that he does for our city and state.We were honored to catch up with Dr. Khalid at a Kobe Book release at Lower Merion High School, and again at a Sixers game. A true blessing to our community. What a joy to see him evolve into his new role as Secretary of Education, continuing to lead and serve the youth.  


Check out his personal story on overcoming challenges and adversity. Through personal strength he has developed into such  an amazing positive role model. He is always smiling and definitely enjoys talking school strides forward and of course, basketball. Follow his work for sure, sending him great wishes for a successful rest of the 2024 school year. 


JUMAINE JONES - Book Release:


"Last Man Standing"

NBA HALL OF FAME star Jumaine Jones gives an intimate look into the eyes of mental health and professional sports. His personal story is one of the greatest success over struggle stories we have ever read. His overcoming adversity, and core pain, is a true testimony to the power of mind over matter and being a success. We are ever grateful serving at events with him. Jones commitment is unsurpassed and powerful character, on occasion he will humbly share cherished memories of time spent with teammate goats such as Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Iverson, Lamar Odom and Josh Powell. His leadership in the community with the youth is special, especially in Camden, NJ. He launched BEYOND THE HARDWOOD FOUNDATION in 2021, hosted many youth events and continues to be a light for the Philadelphia 76ers. He will be the keynote speaker and honored for his leadership and continued support at Siloam Wellness this September. Catch his book and follow his work. Great Work Jumaine and thank you. 



DR. KHALILAH ALI - Book Release:


A story about the Legacy of Muhammad Ali & The Lady and family behind him. We applaud Dr.Ali for her global community activism and for shining a light on peace, love and unity. Her exemplary work with and for the youth is ever inspiring. Catch her new book, upcoming miniseries and also 2022 docuseries on the late great Ali. 




"What Winners Won't Tell You"

Jenkins shares his take on winning and losing.  What a book! We were able to score a seat and an audience question at his book tour launch, that started in Philadelphia in October 2023. Malcolm's family and friends were there to support. Michael Eric Dyson moderated the launch with humor and expertise. To hear from Malcolm on his heart story, social justice, the players coalition and more was truly special and very engaging. He met with the audience after the event to sign copies and thank each and every guest. He was sharp as an NFL tackle in his custom Damari Savile suede front zip jacket, flat front pant and hi sheen leather shoes that will forever walk that walk of justice, equality, peace, and Philadelphia brotherly love. You will want to read this book from start to finish without breaking for lunch, It's fantastic, real, raw and just what we need to start to learn to move forward in unity. We wish Malcolm great success on tour and always. We celebrate his continued work in the Philadelphia and global social justice community. Malcolm Jenkins Foundation does great work giving back in our city, his school and media companies as well. We hope you check out his NFL Players Coalition and efforts to bring to light many great topics. Check out his custom apparel at Damari Savile for NFL & NYFW kickoff this week. Thank you & congrats Malcolm! 

Screen Shot 2023-09-09 at 7.45.54 PM.png


TONY VLAHOVIC - Book Release:

"Just Need An Opportunity"

MLB HALL OF FAME COACH & Red Sox Pitcher shares his personal story of struggle to success when one accident changes his whole life. Check out this incredible story of personal resiliency and drive in the face of adversity. Tony's colorful shares are from the heart and no b.s. He inspires you to see from a new perspective with his work leading the US Special Olympics to victory in 2014. He brought us and his entire 2014 special needs team to his book launch, where he was Honored on the Trenton Thunder NJ Field for his work. Salute, Tony, it is an honor to know you and spend community time with you and your family. Check out his book now, available on Amazon. 



MIKE SIELSKI - Book Release:


Sielski goes back in time to honor the late Kobe Bryant. He interviewed many local teammates, visited Bryants' home, high school, local hangouts and was given Kobe Podcast "I AM KOBE" lost files. The book is a gift to the rise of a LEGEND. Mike's book kickoff at Lower Merion High School in October 2022 was special. We are grateful for Mike's literary work as well as his contributions to our community via The Philadelphia Inquirer and WIP Sports Radio. He was voted 2015 Top Sports Writers, keep going Mike Sielski!

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