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 Why we love what we do


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All my life, since I could hold a pencil, I've loved designing and creating, anything and everything... and I love the deep connection that giving to others provides.


When I was little I would take magazines and tear out my favorite sports, fashion and music ads and articles and glue them onto pages I created in my own publication. I told myself someday I would be an author and a fashion designer.  I would share others victories and I would use my fashion designs to GIVE BACK.  I grew up with a mailbox filled with charity mail from all of the organizations that my mom made sure were supported by our family. I wanted to do that. I'm doing that. 


I grew up loving fashion, culture and art; From a young age I knew it was my mission to stand for equality and love, to help myself and others love themselves from the inside out. I learned the power of love, intention, music and film from my mom.  I learned sports, loyalty and personal commitment to the balance of running a business from my dad. Collectively and spiritually I learned that the point of life is to love and be loved... 


Sports taught me UNITY & CONNECTION. Growing up my best friend's dad was the preacher for all of Philly's pro sports teams; I learned the power of prayer, the power of joy, and learned to relate it to sports - that each player had a heart, was family, sometimes got traded, and most importantly, that in the end, we are all ONE TEAM, UNITED.

A near-death car-accident at age 7 taught me eternal gratitude and to learn how to really love myself from the inside out.  Fashion and accessorizing always had my attention more than the scarred face I saw in the mirror. I showcased my heart through fashion, and at the time used it to distract from facial scars. Teasing & scars taught me strength and compassion. I made it my life mission to help others to learn what I did:  SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH, CONFIDENCE & COURAGE


Moore College of Art & Design, fashion design college, taught me that with a focused skillset & TEAMWORK, you can do anything you set your mind to. It was then I dreamed up Platinum Prints; I would create a brand whose name represented THE BEST & THE POWER OF REPRESENTING OUR BEST SELF.  


Working in New York, designing Menswear for Macy's, Federated & Kellwood, designing for different women's ready-to-wear labels on 7th Ave,  fine-tuned my passion, hustle, my ability to reach great heights and to explore personal expression. Fashion shows, million dollar projects, my best selling graphic designs sold across the country, brought me confidence but it was my dream to have my own label that kept me humble & hungry. Some of my favorite New York highlights include my designs hanging in Macy's next to Sean John in Men's Urban, absorbing the city nightlife with my favorite musicians and actors, the city's culture, it's underground art  all taught me AUTHENTICITY & my greatest business mantra: REPRESENT and BE YOU!

My whole life I've just had so much energy, I like to move my body and sing on the daily to express my gratitude.  I am blessed to be here, and I am here to GIVE BACK. For me to dance and break into song at random is a daily norm, because I am always inspired; It makes sense I would create a collection that encourages you to get moving & "speak your soul". I created what I coined a "Turnaround" collection which means there is a front design that corresponds with the back and together, they are a conversation starter... I love it, works every time. Buy one, wear it out, you will love it.

In 2005 I founded Platinum Prints. I set out to help our soldiers and by 2007 we successfully teamed up with the U.S.O. Liberty/Philadelphia/ New Jersey, supplying thousands of greeting cards to soldiers overseas so that they could write home. Felt so good, we decided to do it for as many charities as possible.

I am passionate about making pieces that give back, designing for those who have touched my heart and others lives,  items that allow you to build fabulous confidence to unleash sass and joy; it’s all about being you and connecting and inspiring others. 

Join us, follow us on social media and stay on top of the styles, events and charity work, as we REPRESENT and roll out our first FULL collection for 2020, piece by piece, inspiration by inspiration, charity by charity.  


Thanks so much for your support & congrats on being YOU!


Special love and thanks to my family, friends & all those helping others... 

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Kia Lyons

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