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4th Annual Bob Davidson Golf Memorial 

An honor to support The Annual Bob Davidson Memorial Golf Tournament again this year, as well as a Lower Merion Field Dedication to their beloved Hall of Fame Coach. On Sunday, September 10th, 2023, The Lower Merion Soccer Alumni Association, Inc., along with the Lower Merion Township Parks and Recreation Department, honored legendary Coach and Teacher Robert L. Davidson with  a Soccer Field Dedication Ceremony, and entire Field, in his name. Coach Bob Davidson's leadership was LEGENDARY and special. Lower Merion Soccer Alumni Association will host a game with Delaware County Special Olympics soccer team as well as LMSC travel team.  The Delaware County Special Olympics soccer team as well as the Special Olympics Basketball team will honor bob by playing with Villanova Teams this month. Family and friends all joined to honor a true LEGACY, including Bob's own words of encouragement on the loud speaker at the ceremony.  Coach Bob Davidson’s 50-year legacy of giving to the Lower Merion community as a teacher, coach, and friend will live on forever.


Monday September 11th was a beautiful day of golf for all. Many had the chance to try out Bob's original putter. Those who made it, entered a very fun playoff. Below is the winner who made the putting challenge on 18! We had a great time being included in a day of special connection, learning wonderful inspiring stories of unity and inclusion by Bob, his students, his athletes and his special needs and various friends, family and volunteers. We were honored to bring our red carpet out to share in the special gift of carrying on his legacy with community kindness. Funds raised at the events benefit community events as well as college gifting for students in need. Continued blessings t the entire Davidson family and to all those who support his legacy. Check out more clips at ways to get involved at The Lower Merion Soccer Alumni Association website:  Visit: 




Every summer we see so many local kids that benefit from the golf leadership and generosity shared by Tiger Woods through his aided youth golf programs. This event, he teams up with a few other incredible sports leaders. May 24, 2020 Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning teamed up to challenge Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, all in the name of charity for COVID 19 relief. CHAMPIONS FOR CHARITY rocked quarantine.  The candid banter, the cart cams, was hilarious to watch and get to know the players all a bit better. Charles Barkley helped host and spoke to players via earpiece during the game, encouraging plays to raise money per his contribution. Russell Wilson called in to donate meals to WHEELS UP during the game. Such a fun fundraiser. Worth the time to find on youtube or on demand. Thank you gentlemen for giving us a bit of joy in quarantine for graciously giving back, playing in the heavy rain and for being a great example. Photo credit: Golf World.   

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 4.54.32 PM.png


Steph Curry’s mini golf show, Holy Moley,  is officially underway again and highly entertaining from the announcers to the props, this show wins. Look for our friend, Dyson Golf, who will be representing ATL on the show, follow him on instagram and best of luck to him on the green! Speaking of The Curry Fam, please take a minute to check out their EAT LEARN PLAY FOUNDATION.  Congrats to the entire EAT. LEARN PLAY TEAM AND CURRY FAMILY on all the worK, leadership, and success.

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