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Montclair Cobras with NFL Giant's Tyree and DeVito in 'King Cobra' Documentary

What do you get when you have a marine full of heart in love with football?  A winning legacy. Add talent, heart, grind and here we are, awaiting one awesome town-hero football story.


Tuesday April 30th Inspired Films Foundation held an event supporting  the upcoming three part documentary series on the renowned MontClair New Jersey youth Cobra Football Team . 2x NY Giants Superbowl Champion David Tyree and Giants Quarterback Tommy DeVito share their part in the film.


We arrived and were greeted by kindness right off the bat. Inspired Films Foundation CEO / Producer Jeremy Pholwattana  was inspired and eager to host an evening supporting his dream to make this film. In addition to his Inspired Films Foundation, Jeremy is a music producer, owner of SOUND ENTERTAINMENT, working with the best of the best and is all about the music. Already we know this football film is going to be great. To the rooftop we went to a warm reception, and the sound of Prince filling the speakers and air.  Rahzel from the legendary Roots showed up to surprise the crowd with a custom song release for DeVito, and we hung on every amazing bar.  Interview and clips to post soon exclusive Rahzel. 5x Emmy Winning Director of this film, Bill Pruit, flew in for the event as well.  Pruit has done alot of amazing work and expressed his gratitude to be part of the film and journey.

We were happy to gain insight from NFL Pros, and former Montclair Cobra's, New York Giants Quarterback Tommy DeVito and 2X Super Bowl Champion David Tyree who are executive producers on the film.


David Tyree spoke to us about the impact coach and the Cobra team had on his life. In our inspiring interview he talks about seeing new goals on the line of scrimmage and how that can change everything. What a share. We are excited to share the interview here with you.  Check back as we will post it soon.

Tommy DeVito shared with us his Cobra Football gratitude, his childhood  role model from Notre Dame, and his advice for the youth today. Tommy and his family were very present, engaged, kind, and happy to connect with all the supporting film friends, taking time to chat and listen as well. The entire DeVito family is really super, down to earth with patience and kindness at their core. We congratulate Tommy who received the Key to the city of Cedar Grove Town Hall this week. NR Media sports co-host Nithin Ramachandra was happy to be there to see Tommy get the key and meet his agent. ( Check back for our exclusive interviews to post here. )


Current Cobra coaches gave insight to the current Montclair Cobra Youth Football team and the inspiration on the field and teammates. We plan to visit them on the field and see them on set. We can't wait to bring you more stories from the field this month.

The IMDB backstory: Howard Finney III is a stock broker, former marine, who loved football and set out to create a youth football league in 1969 to unite the community. Over the next 50 years, he shapes the hearts and minds of these athletes, inevitably shaping their futures, too, such as Super Bowl winners David Tyree and Sean Jones. Other professional athletes that learned from Finney include Tommy DeVito, Josh Allen, Dale Berra-son of Yankees great Yogi Berra-Larry Doby Jr and Quintus McDonald. While his record of 400 wins is widely known, his greatest victories happened off the field.


The event was beyond inspiring and a total success; we were so honored to be present. Thank you to Tina Cervasio, New York Sports reporter covering this story and including us in the development. Was great to meet many of Tina's family and friends all there to support this great film and crew.  Thank you to our colleague in sports reporter Nithin Ramachandra of NR MEDIA.  Film partner Lucky Charm Films' Sue Vorcheimer promoted the documentary in November and was on hand to share her inspiration as well. Sue is a big supporter of positivity and winning stories like this very rare feel good story. Check out her work,1776 Restaurant, and her Pass The Crown Program. Thank you to international DJ Prince Hakeem who lit up the speakers and the vibe as everyone gathered to hear all about this great football and town legacy.


Congrats to Inspired Films Foundation, with a mission to create impactful films to entertain, inspire, and make a positive difference in our communities.


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