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Our 2021 golf 4some was “Greatness” 🏁🏁🏁🏁 CEO FOURSOME MARCUS ALLEN, DR.JAMES SMITH, JR, TONY MAC, KIA LYONS at THE PHILADELPHIA CRICKET CLUB , OCTOBER 2021… Every day they are there for thousands of kids in need; BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS INDEPENDENCE are absolute heroes. Compassionate Goalset- Strategic mindset, to be honored to play on their leader’s team was a dream come true, Marcus Allen YOU RUN A GREAT SHIP. This foundation inspires Philadelphia unity, love and leadership and provides greatness to at risk kids and families. The best part of this day was seeing the success stories as we sat together, broke bread and envisioned helping more. In covid, BBBS Independence Region was the "make" part (of make it or break it), the lifeline, the mental and physical survival for thousands of kids througyhout Philly. I remember none of them had laptops to even go virtual. Quickly, Marcus Allen whipped up solutions and distributed, then there was food, holidays, package after care package, the children were cared for and checked in on a daily basis. Marcus Allen was honored this year with the prestigious title of one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Philadelphia. While he was so grateful and honored, the greatest honor is always seeing resolve in the lives of the kids and families he helps. I encourage you to come out and serve with the team, meet Marcus and see how great it feels like to impact someone's life in true need.

Please also come next year for golf - THE BEST time, at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. Marcus, Tony, Jim - this was THE best day- we make the best team- thanks for including me on your team ! And to all my friends reading this, YOU are invited to join us- let’s connect on it, also join Independence Bigs / Philadelphia Eagles / Damari Savile for Fashion Touchdown in November 2022. Please hit the BBBSI website and follow their page: Independencebigs.

I continue to learn so much by surrounding myself with this team of motivating beautiful community leaders. Love and Blessings to all.

With Gratitude,

Kia Lyons, Platinum Prints CEO

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