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 BASEABLE FOUNDATION -A DAY OF INCLUSION for special needs kids and adults as well as SPECIAL OLYMPICS NJ- 2014 Olympic champs thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies. See our full article. Great job All! 


What an absolute inspiring group of women.  Special thanks to WPBA commissioner Tamika Milburn, LaToya Bond, Coach Tanae Davis-Cain and all the young ladies who came out to support and inspire. This is what its all about. Thank you for leading. You are a true light and gift to our communities and the youth. 

With Gratitude, 

Platinum Prints CEO Kia Lyons 

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2020 Platinum Prints Community December


“You’re from Philly , you stand up for what’s wrong and make it right”  Heavyweight World Champion Tim Witherspoon Sr. said on Instagram live, Dec 8, 2020. It reaches my very core and will stay there.



“Young people, don’t give up because you never know where you”ll wind up. I ended up heavyweight champion of the world. A lot of Obamas, champions, in our neighborhood. Do positive things. There are beautiful things in the world l, point the young generation in the right direction.” ...Tim Witherspoon Sr on the ALL CITY Insta Live Interview in December.  Boxing Champion Tim Witherspoon Sr. and his son Tim Jr. have Witherspoon Boxing Gym in Bucks County PA. Check them out for sure. They revealed an incredible eye-opening discussion as they reflected back in time, discussing their journey, talked about golden gloves, sparring with Ali, real-deal behind the scenes moments with ALI and Tyson at Caesars. Tim Sr stressed the importance of being in shape and most certainly the importance of giving back to your city. 


Side bar:   One of my favorite things about sports is learning the hearts behind the action. I grew up with a sports dad, and amongst NFL giants at my best friends dinner table. Her dad was the preacher for all Philly Pro Sports Teams. Eagles, Sixers, Flyers & Phillies. We learned the importance of teamwork, heart and giving back. 



For many sportsplayers, SURVIVAL comes first. Only after true self-acceptance is found and healed can the highest powerful self be fully achieved and shared.  That’s exactly where NFL pro footballer / American Gladiator Dan Nitro Clark is at. Dan is an incredible story of pain transformed to purpose.  Dan lived an extremely unique life turning personal childhood pain into electrically charged moments rage on stage as America’s Top Gladiator. Once he suffered his  heart attack his game changed. Dan has a few books out and a great podcast. I am in process of reading GLADIATOR, his personal journey. I'm currently at the part where he's playing for the NFL L.A. RAMS, goes to Mexico to buy his steroids, takes his gun with him, ends up pulled over on an abandoned ramp by two criminals posing as police and takes them out and flees! I will def be sharing more on his books on our Platinum Prints Collection blog soon. Check out this inspiring leader on social media and his podcast for sure. 


Big congrats to our friend and celebrity Bodyguard Bubba Almony on his receiving The Humanitarian Award for anti-bullying. Bubba was honored Dec 19th 2020 virtually and they also put up a huge billboard in New York City Times Square in honor of his amazing work. Keep up the awesome example and leadership Bubba! Bubba has a Celebrity Basketball Classic coming up August 28 2021. Very much looking forward!



Happy Birthday To Malcolm Jenkins this month ! Malcolm is a man who sets the amazing  example for EVERYTHING...Including but not limited to social justice, leadership, incredible role-model, entrepreneur, director, fashion expert and Men’s “Damari Savile” Design House founder, Independence Region Big Brother, Humanitarian, founder of The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, Co Founder of The NFL Players Coaltion, Listen Up Media, Philly School Academy and more!

Malcolm we are wishing you birthday blessings on blessings and know that we support you 100% and are wishing you well always!



 “Change Our Future” is a foundation created by Philadelphia Eagles Rodney McLeod and his wife Erika McLeod. Their work has been amazing to see really develop this past year.


In the past year of quarantine they grew and worked harder than ever. They made appearances all over the city to bring spirit and joy and food where needed. They gave out masks through Rodney's design house, BACK OF HOUSE. They donated scholarships to seniors and love to community all year. Rodney hosted his annual football program online this year, making sure to still support the youth in hard times. 


We are cheering them on and really applaude their great efforts to encourage Philadelphia community to vote. They toured the city all day and night rallying neighborhoods to get out and vote!


 For the Christmas holiday they did 12 days of Christmas helping wishes come true. This powerful duo inspires me all the time and I just am so grateful for their love and support in Philadelphia. Congratulations to Rodney on his being nominated for the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award. His hard work, consistency, commitment and inspiration are BEST OF THE BEST!



Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2021. 

In the next few months I will be taking time to catchup journaling a reflection of 2020 in a monthly format, to catch up and share all the good.  Stay tuned. 




Kia Lyons

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2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #21

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.32.44 PM.png

I write this "Fashion and Feels" news two weeks late. Two weeks in of forever mourning the loss of George Floyd , of supporting protests that followed his loss, and continue, that remind us all that our country doesn't have full freedom, full protection, full equality. Memorial Day has always been a special day in our house. We always give thanks and praise to our forefathers, including my father and both of my grandfathers, for serving our country and paving the way for our freedom.  I watched Nate Boyer contribute to a great tv special this year, sharing with us his journey, his sacrifices and brother soldiers lost, but also reminding us that it is ok to celebrate life with the barbeque, the cake, they fought hard for us for life that is for living. But not everyone was able to appreciate family life on Memorial day.


Reminder that Nate Boyer is the NFL player that was formerly a green beret, who fought for our country , who was called on by Kap, and stood by Kaepernick on the field Fall 2016 and supported his taking a knee, and wrote an open letter to the president addressing it. Shout out to Nate, of "Merging Vets And Players", who continues to give back so much for his brothers, for community and for veterans. I had the honor of meeting Nate at a 2017 CHRIS LONG FOUNDATION Waterboys Event and was able to thank him for his support for our country and on this matter. 

Unbeknownst to me, on MEMORIAL DAY ,  when my family rallied around my annual strawberry cake, when we took our annual picture, when we carried our flags, when we celebrated our life and freedom, another life was taken on May 25th,2020 and another family began to mourn what would forever change history.

May God bless George Floyd and his family.  I always post a personal pic at the beginning of each Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels week and at the end. I just couldn't put my picture with my unknowingly joyful smile and cake at the start of this week's post. I felt sad seeing my smile in the picture I took that day, now knowing what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis that same day. Breaks my heart. Knowing that my kids had me and I had them, all together, yet his family suffered great loss. I pray that some day I can look back and know that George Floyd's devastating  murder marked a change in our America. I hope that when I look back, that we will be ONE LOVE, with the end of systemic racism far behind in history. Let's all take great strides NOW to make GREAT CHANGE to heal and help one another. May God bless Stephen Jackson for taking this mission to heart and going the distance for his friend George Floyd, for going the distance for all of us, for his brothers and sisters, for his America, for his community, for all, we appreciate you, Stak. 


Forever will we remember the loss of George Floyd, his pain and suffering, the injustice he faced, the pain that he endured and we will forever remember the change that America and his death demanded in the fight to end racism represented in our world. Both myself and my business stand for FREEDOM & EQUALITY  & JUSTICE for all. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Please see our "blog" section for more. 

Quarantine has hit us all and it’s a great time to SUPPORT. Big Brother Big Sister continues to give back to the community of Philadelphia. I write this on June 9th, and tonight you can look forward to a special very first ROUND TABLE hosted by Philadelphia chapter CEO Marcus Allen at 630pm. Please check out their social media for the presentation. Visit to help support. They are helping the next generation to feel loved and supported now and always.  AWESOME WAY TO REPRESENT. 


2018 World Long Drive Golf Champ, 2017 World Tour Champ, 2015 & 2016 Long Drive European Champ, Maurice Allen posted a link on instagram thanking GOLF DIGEST for sharing his story " BEING BLACK IN A WHITE SPORT". What an eye opening share. Racism still exists, respect is due to all people, all players. Hoping this article brings more senstivity, compassion and equality. Please take time to check it out:

May 24, 2020 CHAMPIONS FOR CHARITY rocked the quarantine. Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning teamed up to challenge Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, all in the name of charity for COVID 19 relief. The candid banter, the cart cams, was hilarious to watch and get to know the players all a bit better. Charles Barkley helped host and spoke to players via earpiece during the game, encouraging plays to raise money per his contribution. Russell Wilson called in to donate meals to WHEELS UP during the game. Such a fun fundraiser. Worth the time to find on youtube or on demand. Thank you gentlemen for giving us a bit of joy in quarantine for graciously giving back, playing in the heavy rain and for being a great example. Photo credit: Golf World.   

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 4.54.32 PM.png

Steph Curry’s mini golf show, Holy Moley,  is officially underway again and highly entertaining from the announcers to the props, this show wins. Look for our friend, Dyson Golf, who will be representing ATL on the show, follow him on instagram and best of luck to him on the green! Speaking of The Curry Fam, please take a minute to check out their EAT LEARN PLAY FOUNDATION. 

ultimate tag.png

The NFL’s JJ Watt and his bros (also NFL players, Derek & TJ) light the screen, as they host the newest action show ULTIMATE TAG. The show hosts the best of the best in sports all fighting to be the last man/ woman with flag on the course. Host JJ Watt was the 2017 Walter Payton Man of the Year. Defensive End JJ Watt raised a record $41.6 million, crowd-sourced fundraising campaign for Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. He rebuilt childcare centers and afterschool programs and helped to provide millions of meals for victims with his fundraising.  Stay lifted with this awesome show and consider giving like Watt.

This week, 2018 Walter Payton Man of The Year, Chris Long, celebrates 5 years with his WATERBOYS team and THE CHRIS LONG FOUNDATION. The Waterboys team help provide clean water in Tanzania and Kenya Africa, as well as the United States. Their team unites sports players and veterans, fans as well, all on one team for big success. This foundation has moved mountains to fight for clean water so that families may thrive, survive and allow their children to focus on education rather than carrying dirty buckets of waters to their communities to sustain life in some capacity.  This foundation is making real change, they have many faces to their programs that include supporting, education, equality, and health. Check out our blog for more details on their awesomeness and visit WATERBOYS.ORG

college dance

We can’t wait to see how the NFL plays on this season. We are missing that NBA and look forward to it coming back hopefully in July. If you’re missing that NBA halftime dancing, check out the 2020 College Dance Competition that was on CBS this past week. Talent is empowering and inspiring. Keep up that daily quarantine health and fitness. Dance is so uplifting for me personally, I am so grateful for its power to draw in positivity. If you are looking for a dance tribe, I have a few online groups who are a great resource for personal empowerment. Please be in touch. 


It's almost time to start following NBA basketball again! For now, follow NBA Twitter, for LIVE video streams and to stay informed on the latest from their teams. Experts gathered on May 26th to discuss COVIDS affects on community and how to stay empowered, stay connected, battle depression and more. Thank you. Photo cred: NBA.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 4.21.55 PM.png

Naomi Osaka makes history as the highest paid female athlete ever. Congratulations Naomi.  Naomi is 22 years old and has surpassed her icon, Serena Williams, by earning $37 million in the past year! According to Forbes, Naomi is number 29 on the list of highest paid athletes. What an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for inspiring young women everywhere, Naomi and KEEP GOING! Photo credit: Getty Images.

Stay lifted all, we will get through this together.  Please stay safe and reach out anytime. 

Sincerely, Kia 

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2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #20


Into the third week of May and it is GRADUATION! Such compassion for the kids that worked hard all year on school, busted their sports credentials, polished those relationships to gain the courage to ask that special someone to prom... QUARANTINE 2020. Stay lifted and get zooming. Stay connected to one other and know that YOU ARE A GREAT SUCCESS! Hands up for the Teen Vogue 2020 Virtual Prom via zoom.  Literally this past week my cap, tassle, AND high school grad dress all surfaced separately but I had to put them on and REPRESENT. Hands up for YOU! You ROCK! LET'S GO class of 2020, clapping for you all, and for the locals, can't wait to clap for you at the neighborhood parade. Way To GO ! ! ! 

Leave it to high producer, ever successful LeBron James to lead the way for the class of 2020. He gathered all his friends and created ONE AMAZING GIFT, just so great, the CLASS OF 2020 graduation. The Lebron James Foundation is doing incredible things, like creating school, education, meals and now this virtual acknowledgment for every student graduating in the class of 2020! The "Graduate Together 2020" event is probably still on demand, I suggest checking it out if you weren't able to catch it. All the participants did an amazing job. Thank you all so much. I had the honor of meeting President Obama in Paoli when he was first running for presidency. So wonderful to see him take the stage, he is an example to be followed and a blessing for all. He wisely reminded us all that you get to decide what's important to you, you get to prioritize your values. Ohhh the places you will go, congrats once again SENIORS on this amazing achievement. 


Another great BOH Instagram "House Call" this week, have you been following ? The connections and empowerment have been great from this inspiring team.  Motivating conversations, reaching out to their audience 100%. Not to mention, their online styles are so on point, BOHUSA.COM . Def take a moment to follow their instagram and see all of the fun guests that they have reached. Also Rodney McLeod for the first time ever, will be hosting his annual football camp virtually this year. First few hundred get one of his shirts which is awesome so check it out and get signed up. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters, REPRESENT! I am so honored to call the leader of this team my friend. Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence (Philadelphia),  has been shining this entire quarantine. He reaches out daily on his social platforms and has been sending weekly videos to his team , mentors and littles to help them stay safe and stay connected. They have initiated giving Tuesday and this week they rallied with "Perservere on Purpose" to total about 45 volunteers to pack care packages for those in need, full of donations from all the BBBS generous contacts. What a beautiful thing to see, ,keep inspiring us all and loving and supporting the next generation!

NotoriousWomensfront flat with watermark

Celebrating Notorious BIG across the country this past week for his birthday on May 21st. Of course we had to honor Biggie Smalls  by creating our 2017 Inktober Custom Art into a new t-shirt. Once complete, portion of the sale proceeds will benefit "Books Instead of Guns" or the charity of choice per Mrs.Voletta Wallace. 

This is the women's style and we also have a men's version cooking up. It was great to see all of the organizations and DJ's playing his music all day on social media and even planning virtual events.  Happy Birthday and see you soon at the HALL OF FAME!

It's been a great week connecting with so many of you. i appreciate hearing from you and meeting your needs. We will get through this together, one day at a time. We will inspire your team with empowering news and apparel designs, one event at a time, LETS GO!!! 

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2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #19


Sending out that " Happy Mother's Day" on as many platforms as I can, it's so special. Shout out to my mom and best friend, and to all the strong loving moms out there putting in the love and the work. Special vibes to mom, my wing woman, my everything. Love, encouragement and confidence all starts with whomever raises us. Thank you, mom, YOU...ARE...THE...BEST! Fashion shows, basketball games, golf, skiing, chats, hikes, walks, workouts, film premieres, trips to NY, you name it, she is down, she is there, 100%. Lucky blessed me to have such a support and friendship in my mom. Big thanks to my mom and to all the moms out there leading the way with love and support. 

PP Mothers day .jpg

Reflecting on the strength of women, I was reading a book on Ephesus and stumbled upon Nike, the goddess of VICTORY.  It reminded me I wanted to share a giant CONGRATULATIONS to the very talented stat breaking,  Sabrina Ionescu! Sabrina was the no. 1 WNBA draft pick, and has signed a multiyear endorsement deal with NIKE.  Apparel, shoes, it's sooo exciting, lookin forward to it !!!!!  Like Ionescu, plan the victories and count your wins. 


Shout to DJ Jazzy Jeff for the amazing quarantine virtual house parties. The talented DJ recuperated from COVID-19 and is giving back  to the community with his music.  He's got us all ready for Summa, Summa, Summaatimmme. The Magnificent House party t-shirts are for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefit Covid-19 in Delaware.

Catch the positive vibes on Facebook & Insta.

Insta follow right here on Taurean Prince. The NBA Brooklyn Nets has been seeing some great success on the court and off. Prince dropped his first song this past week, "Who Should I Call On " and it is solid, ie: awesome. Check it out on several music platforms. I had the pleasure of seeing Prince play in 2019 at Barclays and 2020 twice at the Wells Fargo Center, solid fire! It was inspiring and heartwarming to see smile and him high five all the little kids in their sixers jerseys, excited to connect with players coming back on the court at halftime. Exemplary. He always has the great fits and shoes, inspired me to check out my own Jordans this past holiday. So thank you Prince, I got the patent white leather! Def inspired to create a style for TP. Keep going Prince, excited to see what you create next!


Back of House USA continues to give give give and be a great example. Rodney McLeod of the Philadelphia Eagles is a founder of the retail store. McLeod is known for his fashion forward styles and Wavy Wednesdays. BOH is always with the current needs, and now that it's masks, they have teamed up with Todd Patrick to provide their take on the news fashion need. The other week we enjoyed the inspiring Back Of House Insta "HouseCall" shared between Rodney and designer Todd Patrick founders. Within a day they had presented their fantastic idea to donate 200 masks. They continue to offer buy and donate masks on their website. Check it out and check out Rodney's "Change Our Future Foundation" that continues to serve and do great things. 


Staying safe at home during the quarantine and following the recommended lead. Hoping that you stay home and stay safe too. Keep it lively with zooms with friends, social connetion with friends and social media inso. If you need a trainer or a dance team support crew I've got ya, just call. All love, Kia 

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2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #18

Week 18 for the year and what number week for quarantine? I'm not counting because I'm too busy seeing the light and appreciating what I can. I hope you are finding the light in the quarantine. In December 2019 I decided for 2020, I would share my weekly passions, cover charities, fashion, sports, music, film. Little did I know then, just how much social media would connect us all. Thank you for being you and continuing to do what you do, for inspiring others, for leading, for loving, for representing. . . BTW I'm wearing a Platinum Prints t I designed here, all designs benefit charity. I would love to design a style for YOUR label or charity. Call me. Now on to the greatness of news this week...

IMG_6975 2.jpg

The Last Dance is blowing us all away. Kobe's cameo just felt so good to see. "If you ever need anything give me a call" Jordan told the rookie. "He was like my big brother, he guided me" Kobe shares with the cameras and we feel lifted with emotions.  To see strong athletes share, help each other, give back to their community and the next generation, is the best part of sports in my opinion. But let's take a minute to tip our hats to the fashion that rocked us all...AIR JORDANS.  

The music in episode 5 sets the mood right:  Tribe, Nas with Lauryn Hill, Outkast. "Can I kick it' plays as an ever dapper Jordan shares that NY Madison Square Garden was his favorite place to play.  As a New Yorker for part of my career, I loved learning this. I loved that because he first wore his 1984 Air Jordan1s there, he decided to wear them there last. To hear that Nike had hoped for 3million in the four year shoe deal with Michael, and got 126Million just in the first year alone, is mind-blowing ...he played like a star and looked like a star all of the time, and everybody wanted to "BE LIKE MIKE". They didn't mention how Nike would also pay fines MJ received from the NBA for wearing shoes with colors on them when the rules were to wear solid white. I got my first box of J's this Christmas, solid white patent leather, and they are SMOOOOTH. As a designer, don't how I waited this long to get.  

Naughty By Nature and Stereo MC light vibes as Jordan dunks all over the place in Episode 6 and it is just fire. We would love to contribute a Platinum Prints design to a Michael Jordan project!  So grateful for the trip down memory lane that this documentary provides. Thanks!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced that it has rescheduled its previously planned May ceremony for November 7th to now be live broadcast on HBO. As a big Notorious BIG fan,  I will be designing a t-shirt in his honor to benefit the foundation of Voletta Wallace's choice.  Platinum Prints will also showcase a handful of children's BIG styles. Stay tuned for a sneak peak on his special day May 21st.

The quarantine INSTA LIVE shares have been awesome to see. Last week I was lucky to catch Aaron Gordon live. Viewers were able to hear him play his new release "9 Out of 10" which is so good. The full video is on You Tube, can stream on Apple now. Solid hooper & artist. 

In addition to being an amazing basketball player, Jimmy Buckets, Ie Butler, has a knack for entertaining and making us laugh. Last week he was a great first male guest on "A Touch More", Megan Repinoe and Sue Bird's Insta Live show.  They are an amazing team making great strides, making a difference. I LOVED IT! Follow them for big smiles and great shares. 

Platinum Prints is excited to team up with Justin Renfrow JR Sports . Justin has been doing some insta lives to stay connected and help give back during Covid-19. For every mask sold they will donate one to front line workers. 

JR Justin Renfrow SPORTS is a non-profit that gives back to those in need. Check out their insta page to see all the great work they are doing with Justin's lead. Platinum Prints is looking forward to contributing designs to benefit their cause. Catch Renfrow's creative workouts shared on insta. SOLID!

Masks and gratitude for miles... a giant thank you to all the nurses and caregivers during this COVID-19 pandemic.  This week we were honored for the opportunity to help provide meals to Lanekenau Hospital Front Line Staff. Thank you to the Goat's Beard wayne and Manyunk for delivering the amazing meals to amazing workers. Special thanks to Katy Doroshow for helping to arrange the share. Thanks to all those that contributed to the meals: David Pucci, Rosemary Gamburg, Michael Walsh, Tiffany Flannery, Robert Li, Tommy Owens, Laura Conway Owens, Brandy Deieso & The Little Apple, LILA Philadelphia, Marybeth Schmitz & Moira. Timing was perfect during National Nurses Week. Thank you today and always, we are all so grateful for your dedication, love and bravery.  We appreciate you and all that you do, stay safe. Sincerely, Kia Lyons / Platinum Prints.

Keep smiling, keep that chin up, we will get through this together. I recommend holding tight to our daily gratitude, and also dressing up at least once a week to boost joy. Remember dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. We may all be home but there are plenty of ways to celebrate in a nice fabric and fit. Look good, feel good, play good. Be YOU, represent. Stay lifted, Stay safe.

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2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #17

 IT was a big week, so this week is our footballl post week, loving it. . . Of course since its draft week, I felt I finally need to represent and GO LIVE. Loved it! Thank you to all for stopping in and supporting and thank you to Sean Shillz, my friend, design colleague and 2015 wardrobe team co-worker from Thomas Phillips film, THE NORTH STAR film (on amazon prime).  We had a great time talking fashion, sports, the first ever NFL virtual draft pick and the feels and bloopers that came with it.  Platinum Prints will def be hosting more lives. I've even added a red carpet! Please message if you want to participate.  


The NFL Draft week wraps and we get to see all fo the gratitude linger on social media.Congrats again to the new draft class and all of the new team rosters. I had time to catch an NFL NETWORK NFL 100Year Roundtable: the running backs edition. Adrian Peterson, Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith, Larry Csonka, LaDainian Tomlison and Adrian Peterson all huddled up at the table to reflect and provide inspiration for the fans and new players. One thing agreed at the table was the greatness of NFL leader Walter Payton. To hear Csonka mention that Walter Payton was the most team oriented person he has ever been around is really something.  

 Following the annual nominees for the NFL Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award is special, as we are able to see all of the great philanthropic achievements from 32 NFL players that are nominated. The actual NFL Walter Payton Man of The Year Award recognizes the top NFL player of the 32 teams, for his excellence on and off the field.  We applaud the many players are out there are striving as best as they can to use their platforms to give back... So freaking great to see these KINGS REPRESENT! Here's hoping the new draft class check out all the great ways to give back locally and globally.  The Walter Payton 2019 recipient was Calais Campbell, and boy is his story is great! Take time to check it out. 

 Have to give a big nod to Mr. Chris Long, NFL WALTER PAYTON MAN OF THE YEAR 2018, two time, back to back superbowl champion, donates his salary to help others , retires and digs deep to keep helping others. Champion. SOLID. Please check out THE CHRIS LONG FOUNDATION and its WATERBOYS clean water mission that involves the NFL, NBA, VETERANS and YOU!  Proceeds from Platinum Prints "REPRESENT" t-shirt men's and women's style benefit their clean water mission. WATERBOYS have come so far, we are excited to keep designing styles that will contribute to their cause and awesomeness. Check out their new film that launched this week at GLASS ROSE

We were all supposed to be chillin at the Linc (Lincoln Financial Field) for the Independence Big Brothers Big Sisters NFL Draft Party. We are happy to be home safe and supporting BBBS and all of their team and their littles, in spirit and remotely. I've attended their events since 2018, and now in this quarantine, it is members of this BBBS crew that I am holding dearest to my heart. Marcus Allen is an inspirational leader who blesses the lives of all those he encounters. What great leader to have in position to help all of these children that need guidance and love, especially at a time like this. Shown in this pic is Jason Avant, who contributes to the annual Big Brother Big Sister / Marrone Law sponsored Eagles Fashion Touchdown Show as well as the annual Eagles Austism Challenge. It was great to meet him this past November at the fashion show. We are looking forward to designing some upcoming Platinum Prints styles that will benefit BBBS as well as the Eagles Foundation Autism Challenge.  Check our blog this for more on Big Brothers Big Sisters and how you can get involved. Stay safe all. 

2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #16

Big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2020 Draft Class.  I often wear my Big Reg jersey because I feel it conveys true sportsmanship. Reggie really supported teamwork, doing good beyond the separated teams, beyond the field, he encouraged to BE THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, to give back and support others, to compete with yourself but remember that WE ARE ALL ONE team.  I encourage the same. Looking forward to seeing this new class REPRESENT on field and off. Here's to unity, community & giving back.

THE LAST DANCE is fire. Last Sunday started the first 2 episodes of the series, this week it was revealed that Michael Jordan donated his portion of the Last Dance proceeds to charity.  Wow! I was honored when he first wore my ComfortSoft branding design long ago and am now officially his biggest fan all over again. I stood mesmerized, two inches from the tv for the entire first episode of THE LAST DANCE. We all felt the magnitude of his big heart and comfort at Kobe's Celebration of Life and now  just amazed at his everlasting ability to shine and inspire others. Let's all follow his lead: his philathropic generosity and deep commitment to inspire greatness! 


More fire...this week I had the pleasure of hearing The McLeod team on Iheartradio, contributing to a town hall. Philadelphia Eagle's Safety Rodney McLeod and his wife Erika McCleod have created their own foundation "CHANGE OUR FUTURE". This past week they donated thousands to Philabundace to feed philadelphia. On air they spoke of having such compassion for the kids and graduates experiencing this quarantine, that they offered to give away scholarships to three lucky high school senior candidatesThey also provided meals personally, via TonyRoni's pizza to Penn medicine to offer our frontline workers compassion and gratitude as well.  We are in awe of the power of positivity and generosity of this team and are so proud to have them from our very own PHILLY community!

Next great discovery this week was finding Men's Luxury Fashion Designer Rich Fresh is now creating "Henry" safety masks, for every purchase he will donate one to frontline workers. His designs are fantastic and perfect for right now. He has paved the way for you to BE YOU and look GREAT. Check his page, positive words, this one with sound advice:  "Be The Person You Would Idolize." POWERFUL !


This week a powerful film launched. The Chris Long Foundation WATERBOYS team partnered with Villanova University's production company, "Glass Rose Films" to produce a new documentary.  "From The Ground Up" covers the clean water crisis, and the work that The Waterboys have been doing in Tanzania to help the individuals and communities gain the gift of life sustaining clean water.  


More "All-In" Challenge Generosity this week! Jeffrey Lurie will give one lucky winner the chance to call and make plays on the Eagles' field! Team Ertz offered a fun double date including dinner and courtside SIXERS! Yes yes and yes!  Then M.Night Shyamalen wowed us all with flying in guests to have dinner and watch a film at his place! So, what's more incredible than the generous contributions to raise money to help those affected by COVID-19? Check out the amazing strides being made by their three successful charities.  Take time to check out The M.Night Shyamalan Foundation, The Ertz Family Foundation and The Eagles Charitable Foundation.  


GO TEAM! Keep Going ! We are so proud of Philadelphia squad representing!

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 

time during this 2020 quarantine.

2020 Platinum Prints Fashion & Feels Week #15


Shout outs to JayZ's Shawn Carter Foundation teaming up with Rhianna's Clara Lionel Foundation and Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey to donate over 6.2 Million to organizations fighting Covid-19, distributing largely to affected areas such as New York, New Orleans and Puerto Rico. Blessings &Gratitude!(Photo: Getty Images)

The FANATICS "ALL-IN" challenge is just awesome. Visit these leaders on instagram or check our Platinum Prints instagram stories, labeled "charity"to see these FANATICS fundraisers.  Big THANKS to these guys!


Leave it to Kuz to have the best fits for home chillin'. We are huge fans of hot pink, pretty sure we need to donate to Kuz's cause for the fashion statement alone. Kyle Kuzma partnered with Flint YMCA to provide 550 meals to seniors for the next 6 weeks! SOLID!!! Thank you Kuz. We want the closet tour! 


I loved seeing all of the talented ladies dressed up at home celebrating new teams at the 2020 WNBA DRAFT. But the honorary WNBA picks were the greatest part of the night. The WNBA awarded picks to the youngest talent ever, selecting Alyssa Altobelli, Gianna Bryant and Payton Chester. This memorable evening, just days after Kobe Bryant's 04.13.16 anniversary of his final NBA 60 pt game.  He certainly left a legacy in our hearts and basketball. This week the WNBA announced that it is introducing the Kobe and Gigi Bryant WNBA Advocacy Award to individuals that make significant contributions to women's and girl's basketball. Sending much love and blessings to all. We look forward to watching the Mamba Mentality live on.

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