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The first annual "Bubba's Celebrity Basketball Game" Event was a success! Bubba Almony is a professional celebrity bodyguard with a team of experts that provide safety and most especially stand against BULLYING within our youth.  Incredible celebrities all stood up with Bubba and with the Maryland Police Department and Mayor and officials to make quite an impact.  Terrell Owens took time off his busy podcast, GETCHA POPCAST, and tv schedule to fly across the country on the red-eye to support and play an incredible game. The Muhammad Ali Legacy was in full effect with Dr. Khalilah Camaco onhand to speak love and peace to the crowd with Muhammad Jr. as well. Jonte Hall wowed the kids as well as SpaceJam,  Bullbody & So many more! Thank you to all and what a great day the kids all had. Catch interviews with guests on podcast, see interview page. 


A true honor to participate in FULL COURT PRESS, AWARENESS with Philadelphia's SILOAM WELLNESS FOUNDATION with head Sarina DiBianca, MBS Clarence Jones, NBA HALL OF FAME PRO BALLER JUMAINE JONES, boxing champion Derrick Weber, Hall of Fame Former MLB Red Socks pitcher Tony Valovich, NBA Scout Tony Coleman and WPBA commissioner as well as several WPBA Pros (former WNBA pros) to inspire the youth & discuss the importance of personal health. 


What an absolute inspiring group of women.  Special thanks to WPBA commissioner Tamika Milburn, LaToya Bond, Coach Tanae Davis-Cain and all the young ladies who came out to support and inspire. This is what its all about. Thank you for leading. You are a true light and gift to our communities and the youth. 

With Gratitude, 

Platinum Prints CEO Kia Lyons 

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When I was called to service to join Q Connect, Stephen Jackson & Landlord Productions, two days before Christmas, I dropped everything and got in gear to serve.  HONORED. Bought gifts, had my kids help wrap them and I drove into Philly to hand distribute. We drove house to house throughout the city, all day surprising The Life Challenged class of Frankford High. It is a memory I will cherish forever. 

Help Others… Inspire. 

When I see Stak fly across the globe, and spend the day before Christmas flying home from two giving events (he had an evening event in Reading too), it inspires me to push harder. I hope sharing this inspires you too. 

Big congrats to our friend and celebrity Bodyguard Bubba Almony on his receiving The Humanitarian Award for anti-bullying. Bubba was honored Dec 19th 2020 virtually and they also put up a huge billboard in New York City Times Square in honor of his amazing work. Keep up the awesome example and leadership Bubba! Bubba has a Celebrity Basketball Classic coming up August 28 2021. Very much looking forward!



It's almost time to start following NBA basketball again! For now, follow NBA Twitter, for LIVE video streams and to stay informed on the latest from their teams. Experts gathered on May 26th to discuss COVIDS affects on community and how to stay empowered, stay connected, battle depression and more. Thank you. Photo cred: NBA.


Insta follow right here on Taurean Prince. The NBA Brooklyn Nets has been seeing some great success on the court and off. Prince dropped his first song this past week, "Who Should I Call On " and it is solid, ie: awesome. Check it out on several music platforms. I had the pleasure of seeing Prince play in 2019 at Barclays and 2020 twice at the Wells Fargo Center, solid fire! It was inspiring and heartwarming to see smile and him high five all the little kids in their sixers jerseys, excited to connect with players coming back on the court at halftime. Exemplary. He always has the great fits and shoes, inspired me to check out my own Jordans this past holiday. So thank you Prince, I got the patent white leather! Def inspired to create a style for TP. Keep going Prince, excited to see what you create next!


The Last Dance is blowing us all away. Kobe's cameo just felt so good to see. "If you ever need anything give me a call" Jordan told the rookie. "He was like my big brother, he guided me" Kobe shares with the cameras and we feel lifted with emotions.  To see strong athletes share, help each other, give back to their community and the next generation, is the best part of sports in my opinion. But let's take a minute to tip our hats to the fashion that rocked us all...AIR JORDANS.  

The music in episode 5 sets the mood right:  Tribe, Nas with Lauryn Hill, Outkast. "Can I kick it' plays as an ever dapper Jordan shares that NY Madison Square Garden was his favorite place to play.  As a New Yorker for part of my career, I loved learning this. I loved that because he first wore his 1984 Air Jordan1s there, he decided to wear them there last. To hear that Nike had hoped for 3million in the four year shoe deal with Michael, and got 126Million just in the first year alone, is mind-blowing ...he played like a star and looked like a star all of the time, and everybody wanted to "BE LIKE MIKE". They didn't mention how Nike would also pay fines MJ received from the NBA for wearing shoes with colors on them when the rules were to wear solid white. I got my first box of J's this Christmas, solid white patent leather, and they are SMOOOOTH. As a designer, don't how I waited this long to get.  

Naughty By Nature and Stereo MC light vibes as Jordan dunks all over the place in Episode 6 and it is just fire. We would love to contribute a Platinum Prints design to a Michael Jordan project!  So grateful for the trip down memory lane that this documentary provides. Thanks!

The quarantine INSTA LIVE shares have been awesome to see. Last week I was lucky to catch Aaron Gordon live. Viewers were able to hear him play his new release "9 Out of 10" which is so good. The full video is on You Tube, can stream on Apple now. Solid hooper & artist. 


THE LAST DANCE is fire. Last Sunday started the first 2 episodes of the series, this week it was revealed that Michael Jordan donated his portion of the Last Dance proceeds to charity.  Wow! I was honored when he first wore my ComfortSoft branding design long ago and am now officially his biggest fan all over again. I stood mesmerized, two inches from the tv for the entire first episode of THE LAST DANCE. We all felt the magnitude of his big heart and comfort at Kobe's Celebration of Life and now  just amazed at his everlasting ability to shine and inspire others. Let's all follow his lead: his philathropic generosity and deep commitment to inspire greatness! 


Shout outs to JayZ's Shawn Carter Foundation teaming up with Rhianna's Clara Lionel Foundation and Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey to donate over 6.2 Million to organizations fighting Covid-19, distributing largely to affected areas such as New York, New Orleans and Puerto Rico. Blessings &Gratitude!(Photo: Getty Images)

The FANATICS "ALL-IN" challenge is just awesome. Visit these leaders on instagram or check our Platinum Prints instagram stories, labeled "charity"to see these FANATICS fundraisers.  Big THANKS to these guys!


Leave it to Kuz to have the best fits for home chillin'. We are huge fans of hot pink, pretty sure we need to donate to Kuz's cause for the fashion statement alone. Kyle Kuzma partnered with Flint YMCA to provide 550 meals to seniors for the next 6 weeks! SOLID!!! Thank you Kuz. We want the closet tour! 


I loved seeing all of the talented ladies dressed up at home celebrating new teams at the 2020 WNBA DRAFT. But the honorary WNBA picks were the greatest part of the night. The WNBA awarded picks to the youngest talent ever, selecting Alyssa Altobelli, Gianna Bryant and Payton Chester. This memorable evening, just days after Kobe Bryant's 04.13.16 anniversary of his final NBA 60 pt game.  He certainly left a legacy in our hearts and basketball. This week the WNBA announced that it is introducing the Kobe and Gigi Bryant WNBA Advocacy Award to individuals that make significant contributions to women's and girl's basketball. Sending much love and blessings to all. We look forward to watching the Mamba Mentality live on.

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kia logo 600.jpg
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