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Wellness Center, Philadelphia

Siloam Wellness celebrates their 28th year of caring. In many of our photos, you see all the cool events of NBA, NFL, MLB stars with the youth, at fun events and camps. We are so grateful for them, they are sponsoring the cool memories that leave a lasting impression of unity, inclusion and health. In addition to always hosting or planning their next great event, they offer a wellness location for those diagnosed with and or living with AIDS. They partner with athletes and health resources to provide help and awareness. We have had the honor of serving our local communities of Camden and Philadelphia with this great leadership foundation. This September they will honor NBA star Jumaine Jones for his exemplary leadership and continued service to the community and the youth. We thank them for their work, there are enough people with AIDS in the city of Philadelphia to fill up the entire Wells Fargo center. Ages 12-24 are the most common ages. Please talk to your friends and family to stay safe, keep kids off the street and into community based healthy activities. We thank you Siloam and will continue to stand together for unity, health and happiness. Looking forward to celebrating their September anniversary and hope to see you there.   -Platinum 

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