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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I'm so excited to present The Chris Long Foundation Waterboys / Hoops2o programs as our first Platinum Prints Charity SPOTLIGHT feature. It is just an honor to REPRESENT on this.

When Superbowl 51 winner Chris Long came to Philly, he had everyone’s attention, and then, what did he do? He did what he does best: GIVE! Chris donated all of his game checks to those in need.


I followed WATERBOYS on social media and was immediately a fan of their vehicle AND their cause. WATERBOYS puts professional athletes and sports fans on the same team, in pursuit of bringing life-sustaining drinking water to communities in need. How amazing is that?

Long started THE CHRIS LONG FOUNDATION as well as WATERBOYS initiative in 2015.

In 2018 I attended a Philadelphia Waterboys’ event. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Long and his family, as well as Nate Boyer, Nicole Woodie, a lot of Eagles, more NFL greats and Waterboys’ supporters. Their presentation on Africa was mindblowing.

They shared staggering stories of waterborne illnesses, lack of water affecting entire communities, children drinking from rusty paint cans, using their entire precious days to carry water to their villages. I was so moved by their stories, their hearts and mission. I was so grateful for the opportunity to be present, to learn more, to thank them in person, and to offer any help I could. My greatest takeaway: WATER IS LIFE.

What The Waterboys team is doing is an amazing GIFT. For his ongoing charitable work and commitment, Chris Long received the 2018 Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year Award. He gave THE most inspirational acceptance speech. In the speech he encouraged each of us to USE OUR VOICE. POWERFUL WORDS. Check it. Get inspired, get moving. Join their mission.

In 2018 Waterboys’ launched “HOOPS20”, an NBA player based team founded by Malcolm Brogdon. THIS IS UNITY AT IT’S BEST. Joy to my heart. How much fun to watch games now knowing these guys competing are all linked to a greater good. These guys are using their sports platform to do good and WE LOVE IT.

It is our mission at Platinum Prints to use fashion as a platform to do good, to encourage unity and to give back to those in need. Our inspiration is sports & music. So you can understand why we support, share and just love Waterboys & HOOPS20 programs.

Oct 2019 I received the opportunity to attend a HOOPS20 event with the Brooklyn Nets. I had

JUST declared to donate proceeds from my favorite new Platinum Prints "REPRESENT" style to The Chris Long Foundation. The tee was freshly printed & poppin’, I threw it on and off I went to New York, my old stomping grounds. Super stoked in my hot pink REPRESENT tee, I was off to my first Pacers/Nets game. I had also created a custom “56” style just for Chris Long & his family and was so honored to present it in person. Malcolm Brogdon, Joe Harris and Garrett Temple, all Waterboys Hoops20 fundraisers played that night. I sat in a section that was packed with an entire WATERBOYS’ HOOPS20 supportive crew. The energy was palpable! I loved it. We all did. I officially decided to prioritize supporting more games and more teams on a mission. Thank you guys!

Yooo have you seen their fundraiser stats? They are blowing it through the roof, yall! Waterboys are MAKING A CHANGE!!! So friggin’ pumped on this. Clap your handsssss, ever’ybbbodyyy :)

Thanks to Chris Long, Nicole Woodie, Joe Harris and Garrett Temple, that night we were able to learn more about HOOPS20 at a personal “Meet and Greet” after the game. Nicole Woodie flew round the clock from across the country to support, ALL IN as always, she is an incredible spirit and such an inspiration to me. Women, follow her lead, she is making incredible LEAPS & BOUNDS, get on board. STRENGTH & INSPO right there, and the kindest heart ever. Chris was kickin’ it with the fans and players, just in his element as the do-good dude that he is. Get on his team, you will be glad you did. BIG HEART that one. All the guys were such good sports with the fans and what I enjoyed most was the camaraderie had by all. ALL LAUGHS, ALL HEART!

This week I just caught a Sixers/ Nets game to support the guys and say hello. Grateful for my seats as I got to link real quick at the game. Garrett Temple was a true kind-heart and represented classic sportsmanship. Thank you for the time, Garrett and the fundraising!! Garrett & Harris are off the charts with their moves for clean water! Awesome! I can't wait til everyone knows and supports Waterboys…I ask that we all honor our brothers when they come to play our teams. In all states... As for Philadelphia, let's REPRESENT, we are the city of brotherly love and these gentlemen have their priorities lit with helping hands, so lets build their spirits. Waterboys will be a household name soon enough, it is a genius sports collab to unite & do good and they are crushing goals.

I encourage you to join them on their mission. IT IS SUCH A FUN RIDE and your heart will melt at the feel-good stories they are producing with their success.

Please check out WATERBOYS.ORG and follow their journey. JOIN THE TEAM.

Follow Chris Long and his contagious commitment of giving.

They are currently prepping to do their annual Mt.Kili climb -GO TEAM!

By the way, did I mention in 2018 Chris helped Philly win SUPERBOWL 52! BEAST! My family and I are eternally grateful to Chris and to all of our Philadelphia Eagles, year of the Big Dogs.

Thank you, Chris! Thank you, Waterboys!

Congrats on all of your success with much more to come.

Sincerely, Kia

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