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Women In Leadership

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Muhammad Ali Legacy, Cheryl Lee, The Woman behind New York's 911 Saving Hero & Philadelphias Top Leading Artist. . . This year we will be highlighting our community leaders that are making great strides to inspire, give back and lead with light and love. This week, we honor Dr. Khalilah Camacho Ali, Cheryl Lee of Rocabella Brands & Philadelphia Artist D'nae Harrison.

Dr. Khalilah Camacho Ali is such an incredible leader. What an honor to spend time watching her lead with love. Her mission is for world unity with a personal goal to help young women realize the power of their worth and their voice. She inspires young men as well to be their best self respecting young women and uses sports as a form of healthy expression. She travels the world being a beacon of light and love. To know her is to love her. It is an absolute honor to represent her and her brand and the Muhammad Ali Legacy that she continues to carry on in her word and essence. Thank you for your love, inspiration and leadership, we love you Khalilah! Keep Leading.

As soon as we met we hit it off like old friends. Cheryl Lee, owner of RocaBella Brands and RocaBella Gives Charity Organization, is one of THE strongest women ever. She has used Covid to transform her Vodka recipe into a nationwide brand giving back to children in the US and Ghana. She is exemplary in her truth and tenacity. She stays focused daily and puts in the work again and again, call after call. She has been honored at various organizations and featured in women's empowerment magazines and award ceremonies to honor her work. She carries on the legacy of her husband Mark Lee who served as Head NJ Firechief serving 911. She is an absolute inspiration to so many, and we will always support her and her amazing dream and vision to continue to grow her brand to inspire young women and men to follow their dreams.

We will always stand by you and your vision. Thank you for always inspiring us Cheryl, Keep Leading!

Fine artist, film-maker, leader in the arts of Philadelphia and surrounding cities. Let us start off by saying that her art is absolutely amazing! ! Exactly why its always being honored and showcased.

D'nae Harrison is a multi-award winning interdisciplinary musician, fine artist and filmmaker. Her art has been honored in city hall, presented by the mayor, the president, featured in Love Park promoting unity, in national airports and featured in New York high profile shows as well. She is currently commissioned to create art for the city, adding cultural diversity and unity through school-based grant programs.

D'nae inspires students and professionals with her art and music as well. D'nae has a new album release focusing on her inner voice, equality and standing up for truth and self. She is currently working on new art, new music and a most exciting debut into the world of film. Stay tuned into her amazing content. Thanks for always inspiring us, you're incredible D'nae!

Keep Winning Ladies, we are cheering you on! Love & Bless-

With Gratitude,

Platinum Prints CEO

Kia Lyons


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