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Updated: Jul 15, 2023

We don’t always have to understand our role, we just gotta show up fully present to be a gamechanger. Like Stak, today I’m using my platform on NFL DRAFT DAY to represent awareness for LOVE, for diversity, inclusion and equality.

Serving took on a whole new meaning after NBA Star Stephen Jackson came to Philly to stand up for the memory his best friend George Floyd, to stand up to racism and to raise awareness for standing for LOVE FOR All and community strengthening.

Standing with Stephen Jackson on Juneteenth changed my world. It was a blessing and an honor represent with him and his team then, today, tomorrow, and always, to honor the message to END RACISM, TO STOP THE VIOLENCE and to honor LOVE FOR ALL.

On Juneteenth after George passed, we gathered in Philadelphia to come together as one. We walked …to what seemed like the top of all Philadelphia and paused, bowed our heads together and took a moment of silence for George Floyd. Stephen Jackson reminded us all to keep checking on one another, to love, to be there for each other. He said he would come back to check on everyone, to knock on doors to help with food, with love and that he did.

Stephen Jackson has made it a point to serve all over the country. Stephen dropped his world and made it his priority to stand for one love, loyalty, justice and equality across our country. For that I salute him and stand with him. I promised I’d serve with him his next visit and the next visit turned into several.

It is one thing to stand with others, it is quite another to serve with them, to go where there are gun shots, old women scared to answer their doors, to knock on our neighbors’ doors to love and check on them. Together, we did just that.

It was my honor to stand and serve with George's brother Poboy as well as Stephen Jackson, Q Connect, Rasheed Wallace & Landlord Productions, on several occasions in 2021. We handed out Covid and food provisions throughout Philadelphia on several occasions. At Christmas we drove house to house throughout the city, all day surprising The Life Challenged class of Frankford High.

Stak knocked on the doors, asked the elders how they were really doing, provided the kids with new shoes, basketballs and gifts. Told the kids to keep their chin up, keep being great and to call him if they ever needed ANYTHING and he meant it. WOW.

I am beyond blessed for the takeaway and continue to serve in any way I can from all the new connections and foundations met along the way. George Floyd's memory will forever live on and continue to inspire us to be there for our brothers and sisters and to continue to reach out to our community with love and assistance. Help Others…Be Inspired and Inspire. Love, Be Love, Be Loved.

All year STAK represented LOVE in his moments of extreme pain, he served and loved others with all his heart. Complete selflessness and dedication to our cities, our youth, to love. We watched him travel city to city, every once in a while, we would see him post a gratitude pic with his family and often of a home cooked meal made with love by someone who cared deeply for him and held his space wherever he called home. Traveling so long in the name of love, in the name of justice and in the name of brotherhood. To see this man have the honor of finding love in that time and get married this year brought me such joy. CONGRATS YOU ARE TRUE LOVE STAK! You are such an example for the whole world to follow. You are the greatest and you deserve all the love, blessings and abundance. BLESS & LOVE. Look forward to serving again soon. One love, STAK

To my friend in George Floyd’s brother, Po… Po, you are an incredible example for the youth and have consistently showed leadership & loyalty for your family and the community. You are always welcome and loved in Philly. You have my and my family’s unconditional love and support. Po, thank you, thank you, all of you, for your profound effect on my life- appreciate you 💓 One Love.

Very Special thanks to The Q CONNECT, for managing and organizing STAK’s Community based Events all over this country. You are a true leader and incredible example of pure love. Thank you for being a true inspiration and for especially all of your work in our city of Philadelphia. So much Love.

Viewers, I call on you to get closer to the reality of life… let it impact you, who you are, how you love, how you act, what you stand for and represent, who you help, love and give your time, what you desire, what you create, what legacy you leave earth with your name. I ask you to keep standing and serving and connecting within your community.

With Gratitude & LOVE,


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