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  • Kia


Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I've taken the past two weeks to listen, to listen more than I ever have. I want to step up my voice. I posted support of the BLACK LIVES MATTER subject on social media and realized I didn't have it up on the website yet. I've been drafting a blog tribute to GEORGE FLOYD and the many lives that racism has taken, I will post that soon. Getting through all the funeral services for George Floyd, and a personal friend this week, and holding a present mindset to follow protests for all the other lives lost and lives that we want to save, has created a temporary pause in my posting Platinum Prints "Fashion and Feels". For now I want to be clear where I stand on the subject of RACE and EQUALITY, and that is with my lifelong family friends, with their children, with my brothers and sisters of every color, every face, every race, as ONE LOVE, ONE PEOPLE.

My personal mindset is that we are all one love, all respect, all compassion and all equality.

By listening more, by researching more, a lot of heartbreaking truths have been revealed to me about what is still going on regarding systemic racism and police and civilian misuse of power and guns. The reality is there is a great imbalance and the time has come for us all, to work as a whole, to bring balance and love to community world-wide. I give my commitment to see this through to the best of my ability. Please call on me for support. I am here. All races and faces with open hearts and minds, I stand with you, I walk with you, I pray with you. WE are in this together, and I want us to WIN.


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