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Celebrating NR HOUR SPORTS today for 2022 NFL DRAFT DAY.

Covid brought a very virtual world that brought many challenges yet afforded us greater opportunities to come together virtually. For me that opportunity came in the form of sports cohosting on several

NR HOUR SPORTS SHOW episodes. At Platinum Prints, the goal is UNITY COMMUNITY, supporting others, creating a space for others to share their stories, so it has been a wonderful teamup. Great thanks to NR HOUR SPORTS Nithin Ramachandra for sharing his platform as a space to bring our award-winning and world champion guests to share their full story of struggle to success. Full episodes available on all professional listening and viewing platforms. Full 2021/2022 interview list on

Huge CONGRATS to Nithin and the NR HOUR SPORTS SHOW TEAM on reaching the mile marker 1,000 interviews since starting this podcast in covid. Nithin strives to empower and bring light to the womens community of sports and has a goal to be the platform that shares everyones story nationally. He has community spirit and attends as many local lives games as he can. Since starting the podcast he has reached his goal in publishing it and broadcasting it nationally, he has become a youth soccer coach, began to write for the NFL Seattle Seahawks as well as for FANDUEL. Keep going Nithin. Such an honor to team up and be a part of your special journey.

The photo here is a clip from Kia Lyons Heart Instagram showcasing the NR HOUR SPORTS Barrett Brooks interview. What a blessing that was to interview a legendary EAGLE! Barrett has a unique story in that he never wanted to play football, he loved basketball but he followed the flow of his calling, the flow of a paycheck aiding his leaving hard times, check It out on YouTube or I Heart Radio. Barrett is one of the many incredible guests, we are grateful to have hosted. Every guest has a special inspiriting story. Follow along and please follow NR HOUR SPORTS and each of our guests and their special stories and their mission and foundations as well.

With Gratitude,


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