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March 31st, and no where near finding a FINAL FOUR CHAMP, OR A STAR, or a "SURPRISE UNDERDOG BEATS A TOP SEED" or a "GREATEST GAME"...The March brackets are empty, as are the courts, as are the seats and stadiums. This month has been a big change for all. I am happy to see so many via social media,reaching out to others, uniting like never before, coming together. As a nation, we are all experiencing loss and change at the same time, yet socially and physically apart. Now, more than ever is the time to build each other up. Now is the time to establish new schedules and be sure to include personal sports, personal commitment to love and challenge yourself, include time for personal connections to others, we choose what we do with our days, time to fill the bracket in a new way. Stay lifted. Now that I've personally established a new schedule of suddenly becoming a homeschooling teacher, like so many in the world, I'll add back in more designing. I am happy to express that Platinum Prints is able to still supply your creative empowered apparel. Let's team up. Stay safe and stay healthy, all. Sincerely, Kia

To stay connected follow Platinum Prints Collection and Kia Lyons Heart on instagram. Links for live workouts, music and empowerment groups are available, please message us.

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