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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

FASHION & FEELS …now that’s my jam. I’ve been inspired for quite sometime to do more Fashion talk and more Charity talk in the world of sports. I’ve spent the past year designing on the daily and just been waiting for the opportunity to roll it out right. I am often inspired by sports and music, urban culture & the power of free expression ;*

Just like my annual NFL & NBA best dressed looks, I’ve decided to do it every week and add more video content. Insta is my go to but I will try to add more Facebook posts too. I wear many hats, so all in divine time. I'm taking a step to reach out and highlight more! I am here to build up YOUR spirit.

My goal is to inspire, empower and unite. Fashion & Charity Awareness.

I love to connect & empower, through what I am coining “Fashion and Feels”. I will continue to share great pro sports player fashion looks in my instagram stories and will highlight the charitable great works as well. High performance means making moves so I’ll be sharing that all the way. How others realize their performance is feedback & so, you’ll hear it from me.

I love sports and love music, I live each day like it could be my last, so while I’m out making rounds, I’m going to share the joy. I’ll be covering live sports, football, golf, basketball, horseback riding, cricket & boxing. The more feel good energy the better, add fashion talk or a red carpet and I’m In!!!

As for my personal Platinum Prints Collection, I hope to roll out at least one custom piece per week. In the old days of me designing at Federated, stacked M’s in their bank meant I would simply imagine & poof: an entire collection was designed. Within a few weeks I had the entire lot sampled, hot, ready and hanging across the country. Those were the days. I’ve got a lot on my plate now, a lot of peeps to help, tons to contribute, and my PASSION IS RELENTLESS.

I’m always I’m interested in designing whatever exciting collab comes my way, so I will be designing, singing, dancing & bringing you FASHION all decade. I look forward to contributing to your label while I roll out mine on a new level. I started Platinum Prints in ’05 and am able to REPRESENT more than ever now & aim to help others through my work.

Gone is the old me who had to have it all rolled out in entirety as a finished vision. Action in the NOW. I’ve decided to start slow and roll that sht out NOWWWW. Here….we….go!

I look forward to connecting with you, igniting your greatness & seeing you shine.

Please follow on insta to connect. Support is KEY.



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