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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Celebrating the KING OF POP'CAST...GET CHA POPCORN READY for this HALL OF FAME NFL CHAMPION!!!! 🍿🍿🍿 …this…man…right…here. Honoring Terrell OWENS on NFL draft day bc he is bc he is more than a champion, BEYOND champion.

Not only is TERRELL always there for the youth to inspire and lead, he always represents Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, makes it a point to stand up for others, and reminds them of their personal worth and importance in society. Terrell uses his personal high performance high profile podcast platform to connect with other and to allow them to share THEIR stories.

Terrell is a true ambassador and leader, his mantra: "DESIRE. DEDICATION. DISCIPLINE"

He shares his expertise on self love, health and diversity and inclusion. Terrell was present for the family at the loss of George Floyd, marched front lines Black Lives Matter gatherings in California, revealed his personal story regarding racism on his podcast GETCHA POPCORN READY podcast (with Matthew Hatchette), episode featuring CHRIS LONG, and also joined Chris podcast Chalk Greenlight. Terrell teamed up to make a difference working with the MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DRUMLINE" to bring awareness to equality diversity and inclusion.

TERRELL you are beyond a champion you are a game changer. In addition to him being a football legend and Hall of Fame, it was my honor to participate in the Bubba's Celebrity Basketball Event with him for these very reasons of DIVERSITY & INCLUSION. And he flew across the country on a red eye to show up for the youth, for the foundation and for us all...

If anyone was gonna change his schedule, fly all the way across the country last minute to inspire kids to love and be themselves, to prove all the naysayers and to stand up to bullying and cancer, it’s HIM ! He was in and out in a flash but long enough to smoke the court, get a triple double, grace our red carpet & claim VICTORY over bullying by talking with the kids. G.O.A.T....YOU…ARE…THE…BEST !

Check out his podcast and incredible apparel and wine collections at Prototype81.

With Gratitude,

Kia Lyons


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