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Everybody’s been asking what I’ve been up to... I’ve... been... listening.  Listening for the guidance on how I can help... on equality and community service.

Lately I’ve been blessed to be aligning with like-minded,like-hearted high producers representing for great change in leveling up hearts, community and equality . Marcus Allen is one of those blessings. Marcus brings the “CAN-DO”, “WILL-DO” , “DONE” attitude. Not to mention there’s an air of joy, positivity and accomplishment that follows him wherever he goes. 

Marcus is the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region. We are so blessed to have his awesomeness and leadership in Philadelphia and within our communities. I am so blessed to call Marcus my friend. He has shared so much truth and motivation in the past year, so much guidance, support and inspiration to the kids, community and as well as his teams. When I found out last month that my uncle was the first to request to be a biracial match in the BBBS Camden Chapter in 1968 I couldn’t wait to tell Marcus, also to tell him I’m carving more time to help in whatever way I can. 

It was an honor to have the opportunity to volunteer at this year's Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Golf event, thank you to everyone who made it a success by helping, being present to play and to plan future successes for the kids! Thank you to the Philadelphia Cricket Club for the most beautiful course space and luncheon. I am polishing up my game to participate in a foursome next year for sure.

It was so great to meet more of the team players and to see Marcus shine in his element. Ps he absolutely crushed the ball on 9 ! The best part of the day was the conversation. Marcus spoke on feeling blessded to live his purpose and to be able to give back and connect how he does. He shared the joy seen in the children when they are given opportunities to experience nice moments, life friendship and support that guides them, love that helps them thrive and relief when they are provided BBBS food and essential care packages as they are so in need. I heard how very special the Thanksgiving Turkey Care packages are. I look forward to delivering those directly myself - please message me if you would like to help. 

Marcus reminded me that it’s not enough to just provide a happy time outside of that Environment but to give back to the community , to see truths, imbalances and to really strive to make a change on ending systemic racism... I told Marcus and I’d like to share publicly that I am committed to making a change in our brotherhood, our unity and our communities, to end all forms of racism and bring ONE LOVE. If I can be of service in any way, please call on me. I am here. 

Shout out to all of our NFL players today and special thanks to our Philadelphia Eagles on Gameday. Thanks to the guys who contributed to the BBBS raffles for this event and upcoming BBBS Eagles Fashion Touchdown ! Go Birds! Stay tuned for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence / Marrone Law Fashion Touchdown Event with official partner DAMARI SAVILE and the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES. DAMARI SAVILE will be providing the fashion forward mens collection and JOAN SHEPP will be gracing the show again this year with womenswear. Both design houses are located in Philadelphia and are open, stop in! If you would like company or fashion company, call on me, I love to support and visit both designer collection and their awesome design teams on site! So excited, this high energy VIRTUAL FASHION SHOW will be November 9, ,2020 – see you there!

Remember To Stand Up and Represent, BE YOU… Kia

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